Ask Manolo: Dark Blue Corduroy Pants?

Hi! Now that autumn is on tour, I have bought me the new filippa k corduroy pants in a dark blue color. My question to you is what materials suitable for these and perhaps other colors. Would like tips on something nerdressat but also some neat kavajtyger that might fit into the dark blue? Can the Tweed be an option? Are also grateful for the shoe models that can be stylish. Grateful for the response and thanks in advance! MVH. Oskar “frequent visitor” Johansson

Corduroy pants is such a garment that makes you yearn for the fall. In dark blue as a color is very harmonious yesterday in principle to match anything, both in terms of material and other colors. In the neddressat version, I prefer natural colors such as beige or gray. Preferably in the form of a thicker cashmere or wool sweater. Another favorite is a sweater in weak dark green hue, which breaks out of the dark blue colors without taking over completely. Something closer to the color chart is Burgundy and dark shades of purple as they are also stylish colors. Of course, you can also wear shirts in pastel colors, but then often becomes something more preppy.

Among the jackets are a great option. The important thing with all kinds of uddabyxor to the Blazer is to separate these pieces apart. This does not necessarily mean different materials, but primarily it is the colors is the key, although a well balanced mix of material always gives a more interesting look. To corduroy pants are tweedens raw surface ideal, preferably in beige or green color. Another tip is a camel Blazer, for example, in kashmir which is luxuriously elegant against manchester pants.

Skosidan is also full of opportunities. Because manchester originally is a sporty fabric nowhere near as formal as finer woollen fabrics are brown shoes preferred. Classic brogues are never wrong, but even suede boots, desert boots, or chelsea boots fit for manchester. Often just as manchester pants the slitnare the better.

Corduroy pants at image: Our Legacy