Ask Manolo: Bathrobe?

Hi, I am the girlfriend thought I update my boyfriend’s wardrobe with a stylish dressing gown, so that he gets a reason to do away with its current, a horrendous history of fleece, at least two sizes too small. But, I’ve been looking around a bit, and not found anything cleanly, and of therefore I turn to Manolo for advice. What I’m looking for is a stylish dressing gown for around 1000 SEK, possibly slightly higher. Do you have tips on marks and/or stores in the Gothenburg area, both I and my boyfriend be your forever grateful! Sincerely Hanna

A bathrobe is a wonderful gift to give away, as thefreegeography says. Nice to wear, but rather boring to buy yourself.In addition, it tends to be difficult to choose the right size. For some inspiration, here are three tips.

Derek Rose
Uk Derek Rose is perhaps most notably known for his pyjamas, but also has a lot of neat robes. The true life, choose a model in silk or cashmere. For us mortals, there are also bathrobes Terry cloth or slightly thinner and shinier cotton. It can be ordered via the official website. In Gothenburg, there is also buying the Power.

Pelle vävare
Sjuhärads district’s pride vävare has manufactured garments since the start in 1893, and Terry who recently staked a lot on organic cotton. The price tag for a bathrobe, while slightly higher, around £ 200, are the above mention, but it is also very fine robes. See, inter alia, at NK in Gothenburg.
Online selling, among other things, a few gowns from Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Björn Borg, Salming and below from Polo Ralph Lauren. Outside, cotton and polyseterblanding with Terry lining.