Are You a Telegram or WhatsApp? Dress Up Your Telegram of His Enemy with This Topic

By: camillebrion

You just move whatsapp to Telegram and don’t like? Do you miss the green tones of WhatsApp? You try to convince your mother to use Telegram, but it unclear? The solution is this theme for Telegram: WhatsTM.

Telegram included the possibility of creating themes directly from the application for Android last month and since then the community has never ceased in its efforts to create new “outfits” for your favorite Messenger application, as the 27 subjects we selected for you yesterday. However, today the final issue has come to us: he who does that Telegram is almost indistinguishable from WhatsApp.

How to install the theme of WhatsApp in Telegram

It is very easy to install themes in Telegram. In this case the only thing you need is to follow this link from your Android phone with installed Telegram. This link you open the Android Themes Channel Group, just the message which includes the file attached with the theme, called WhatsTM.attheme.

Download the theme playing on its icon and then touch on it to open it. This opens the preview of the theme, where you can easily see the great kinship with WhatsApp interface. If you convinced, press Apply to complete the move.

Twin brothers

Telegram criticism as have not missed you to copy the design of WhatsApp. Since Telegram has somewhat more differentiated whatsapp, but the view of chats and conversations themselves remain quite similar, with one exception, colors and wallpaper. With the theme, this differentiation is eliminated, and Telegram is almost indistinguishable from WhatsApp.

One is WhatsApp, the other Telegram

Of course, paying attention it is possible to distinguish who is who. Telegram not available from call buttons -for now – and lower writing Rod has a design rounded on WhatsApp, with the microphone out of it, unlike the Telegram, in addition to other subtle changes.

What is undeniable is that this issue will cause sensation. I’m not sure if will be love, hate or simple and pure confusion, but it is now one of the most interesting topics available in Telegram for Android, and further evidence of the magic of personalization (that we like on Android). If you want your Telegram to be more like WhatsApp… why not?

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