Application Friends Blood on Facebook Shows Where Donations are Needed Most

As much as there are several blood donation campaigns in Brazil today, only 2% of the population actually goes to blood banks to donate. Today, the world blood donor day, Allianz Insurance has launched in partnership with the Pro-Blood SP Foundation, the Blood of Friends project that has application on Facebook to educate Brazilians about this important cause.

What Friends Blood does is help Brazilians on Facebook to find blood centers near them and they need to replenish their stock, still showing the blood type that is missing. Just the user’s social network allows access to the application, make a quick registration with your blood type, enter your ZIP code (up to 2, home and / or work) and from there it starts to receive alerts when a blood center needs blood.

The campaign obviously continues after today and who encourage their friends or donate also unlock badges in the application, which serves more as an incentive to promote the need for donations. Who enter today wins the Badge of World Blood Donor Day, for example. And who indicate 10 people or donate blood for the first time also wins.

According to the Pro-Blood in São Paulo, the bags of blood type O + and O- are the most in need of replacement. So if you have any of these types (or any other), is 18 years old and can donate, register the application and find out where to go to make your donation. It does not hurt and you still help others.