Apple Smart Watch on Sale

If you are interested in the world of smart watches, you probably know that Apple Watch is expected to be the product that will determine the future of the segment. The new creation of the California company was presented in September 2014, And the promised period to launch sales was “early 2015”. Analysis and rumors dictated different time windows for real market launch and last hopes were for March, because in February were planned training of sales personnel who will be responsible for distribution of smart watch.

Twelve of the biggest mysteries about Apple Watch today find its solution. The very CEO confirmed that TucsonSmartWatches widget will receive the start of sales in April 2015. Tim Cook made this statement during the presentation of financial results of Apple’s first quarter of fiscal 2015 (Q1 2015 corresponds to the last three months in 2014). It turned out that the new models of the famed phone iPhone (6 and 6 Plus) sold extremely well, reaching a record 75 million units, which has led to nearly 75 billion US dollars in revenue and profit of 18 billion. But, back to the smart watch!

“Creativity and software innovations that are happening around Apple Watch, are incredibly exciting. We can not wait our customers to try these things when Apple Watch becomes available. My expectations are very high. I use it every day like it and now can not live without it.”

These are summary words of Tim Cook, who spoke for the device to reassure the public and its huge expectations. However, he did not specify a precise date for an April start the daily queues in front of stores offering products of the company from Cupertino, but clarified that the production of necessary initial positions (between 3 and 5 million) is on schedule. We can only wait for the premiere and hope that the remaining time will allow Apple engineers to work a little over optimizing battery life. Prices for Apple Watch will start from $ 349 USD for the base model.