Apple Music Will Cost $ 4.99 Per Month in Brazil

The streaming service Apple arrives in Brazil on June 30 and will be cheaper than in other countries, as I had bet last week. The betas of iOS 8.4, users are seeing a screen that the signing of the Apple Music costs $ 4.99 per month, the iPhone Blog. The amount is half charged in the United States, where the service will be sold for $ 9.99 a month.

At $ 4.99, the Apple Music is almost at the same level of other streaming services music in Brazil, where the average price charged is R $ 14.90 per month. Converting to actual, the signing of the Apple service would be R $ 15.57 in today’s price, without considering the IOF (6.38%) and the premium on dollar credit card.

The family signature, which allows up to six people sharing the same monthly fee, would cost $ 7.99 per month (R $ 24.93). In the United States, the same service will be sold for $ 14.99. In this case, the Apple Music is much more interesting compared to Spotify, for example, that charges of R $ 22.35 (two people) to R $ 44.90 (five people).

Apple Music will be released in more than 100 countries on 30 June, initially for iOS, Windows and OS X, with period tasting three months. An application for Android will reach the end of the year.

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