Apple: Disappointing Numbers In The Third Quarter of 2012

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was on the 24th of July the figures for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2012 (ended on June 30, 2012) known. Apple can’t keep up its rapid pace of growth. From April to June, the U.S. company sold less of its iPhone mobile phones than expected by analysts. To many Europeans because of the euro debt crisis with new acquisitions held back, that was true also for the Germans. On the other hand many customers waiting on the new iPhone 5 coming out in the fall is expected.
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Iphone sales disappointing people want the next thing and I am super glad apple CEO tim cook said. Apple sold comparatively meager 26 million iphones in its fiscal third quarter. While this is an increase of 28 percent compared with the second quarter, analysts had expected but more than 28 million units. As a support, which, however, turned out to be the ipad tablet, which verkäufe almost doubled with 17 million units in the previous year. This is a new record, but the iphone is the main drive motor in the group. Sales of mac computers grew by two percent and totaled four million units to.

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We are happy with the quarter

Investors can be satisfied with the performance of apple shares over the past few months: Grew the paper by almost 50 percent since the beginning of the year 2012. We are happy with the quarter, said chief financial officer peter oppenheimer. By the absolute figures here, apple has every reason to be happy: Sales rose by 23 percent to 35 billion dollars (29 billion euros). Earnings were 21 percent higher than the same period last year despite all the problems at 8.8 billion dollars (7.3 billion euros) and thus.

The new apple ipad

20 photos device details on the apple tablet contrasting growth trends
in europe’s did not go so well, cook admitted. Sales on the continent increased only by 16 percent compared to the same period for the success-spoiled apple group is little. Britain has held well. France, greece and italy were weak. Germany is grown only in the single-digit percentage range. Around it went, however, in china with a sales jump of 48 percent.

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‘S outlook for the fourth quarter just broken fourth fiscal quarter, the group says ahead also less than analysts had expected revenues of $34 billion. CEO cook promised amazing new products, without however going into detail. In addition to new iphones and ipods, apple expects a TV even for months. (AP)


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