Apfelmews: Rest after the Wwdc

But Apple’s new iPod touch, new iPhone software, jobs back
Apple has shed some powder at the World Wide Developers Conference: a new iPhone, new MacBook Pros and cheaper Airs, first all Apple fans were served with new hardware. But there is still something missing: How does it look with new iPods? In the rumored kitchen rumblings about an iPod touch of the third generation. Is there something to it? New iPhone beta software: For all participants in the Apple developer program the new software, the iPhone SDK 3.1 including a beta version of the iPhone OS 3.1, came surprisingly early.

Apfelmews Rest after the Wwdc

As expected, there are hardly new features, but only detailed improvements to apps and bug fixes. Thus, video clips recorded with the iPhone 3GS can now be copied as a copy before editing in the original. Many users were concerned about the fact that the editing tool basically destroys the original version of the recorded video. In addition, the MMS function is now activated by default. In America, AT & T’s customers still have to wait for the official support of the multi-media news. In addition, it is now possible to have third-party apps access to videos and to edit them with other applications, as well as improve the start and stop times as well as the app start times. We are curious and you can get more from inkomtrends.

Steve Jobs is back on the shoulders
Economic magazine Bloomberg has received confirmation from Apple that Steve Jobs is back at work. Jobs discontinued for a while for health reasons and underwent a liver transplant during this time. Now he works to share from home, but can also be seen at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino.

New iPod touch?
Actually, the second-generation iPod touch has gotten all the improvements that complete MP3 players and mobile game consoles: Good speakers, loads of games in the app store and the latest iPhone software make the touch the real iPhone alternative. Now there are rumors about a new, third iPod touch. On the one hand device identifications in the new iPhone software were dipped, on the other hand protective cases were discovered by third-party manufacturers, which left space for a camera. In addition, it is possible that the new iPod touch also gets a hardware update, so as to match the new iPhone hardware. Unfortunately, it is then pre-programmed that owners of old devices look into the tube: somewhere apps will appear in the app store, which need the computing power of the iPhone 3GS or the new iPod touch. Does Apple find a middle way?

Apple on the right
If you believe the analysts of Morgan Stanley , Apple is economically on a good path: Apple is expected to sell around 2.5 million Macs in the past quarter, the forecasts were 2.4 million.Apple also succeeded with the iPhone 3GS: in the first three sales days, one could already sell a million devices worldwide. An internal letter from the American iPhone provider AT & Teven states that the iPhone 3GS on the first day has probably the best sales of all time in the stores.

Psystar goes further
And they can not leave: Despite filed insolvency and complaints from Apple announcesPsystar now another OS-X compatible PC. The new Psystar PC is based on Intel’s Nehalem technology. According to Psystar, it is the fastest and most powerful configuration the company has ever built. It remains to be seen how the dispute between Apple and Psystar continues.

Quality complaints about iPhone 3GS
According to Macrumors, complaints about discolouration on white iPhone 3GS, which are caused by overheating. At the same time, Apple has extended the support documents with a passage, which includes how to protect its iPhone 3GS respectively 3G from overheating.Statements from the official side are not yet available.

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