An Improved Jolla Tablet Is Now Being Launched!

The company from Finland “gen-Debuts” on Indiegogo with a 64 GB tablet.

Improved Jolla Tablet

Last year launched its first tablet running Jolla with the company’s own user interface – Sailfish. When they managed to get 480% support of the necessary money. Now comes the Jolla Tablet again – with a few improvements.
Jolla Tablet – the company’s “old” tablet,
now with more improvements
The improvements in the new Jolla Tablet includes 64 GB of built-in internal memory, supports a microSD card (up to 128 GB), laminated screen, a stronger battery (4.450 mAH) and a built-in gyroscope and compass.

Do not panic if you have already ordered Jolla Tablet. You can upgrade your order at a price of $ 25, so you get the newer version. And if you want to order the new version, but you have not ordered the original version, it will cost you $ 249. Finally, the first version is still available and can be obtained at a cost of $ 219, so you just need to choose.
Those who order the new Jolla Tablet Edition in February, will have their units in June.

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