American College Jackets Invade Brazil

American college jackets became well known to Brazilian audiences during the 1980s and 1990s, when Hollywood-produced films featured the success and national pride of young Americans on the big screen.
The whole fashion began at Harvard University in the 19th century, when college athletes won jackets as a trophy after winning major competitions.
Over time, other universities have also begun to adopt the jacket as a gift to their most talented athletes, making the product an object of desire among college students. Everyone wanted a jacket from their course, from their future profession.
College fashion spread rapidly across the country and became a fever. With the constant appearance in the movies, the fashion of the jackets has taken over the world.
In Brazil it was no different either. In the 90’s ST47 was a pioneer in the production and marketing of clothing for university students, offering high quality materials and always presenting novelties to its consumers.
In addition to custom jackets, the ST47 also produces fashion custom hoodies, t-shirts, polos and backpacks for all college courses. And the cool thing is that each class can assemble yours in their own way, because the product is customized for each order.
You can also join your class to create a custom jacket just for you. No matter what your course or your university, the jacket is a versatile dress that can be used throughout the year to complement an incredible look.