Allo You Will Need Version Website, Is like The of WhatsApp or as La’s Telegram?

By: camillebrion

Nick Fox, Vice President of Google product has cleared any doubt possible above the future cross-platform of Allo, the latest communication from Google. Allo will have a version “desk”, or at least one version web, since that is what is clearly seen in the screenshot.

By now Allo was bound to a single device and available for Android and iOS. It is activated by phone number, so in theory only, you can receive and send messages from one of your phones at once. This limitation was a much-discussed and many users, me included, have been long calling for a Allo for PC.

What is seen in the capture

At the moment we don’t have any additional information beyond the tweet of Nick Fox, so we can’t do anything else dissect its contents to see what we found (but remember that it is an early version, so it could change completely).

Still in early development, but coming to a desktop near you… #GoogleAllo #SneakPeek

— Nick Fox (@RealNickFox) February 24, 2017

We can see now is that, although Nick Fox says it’s coming to a desktop PC coming soon, it is indeed a web application. This should not surprise us at all because Google tries to avoid whenever possible native applications, as we have already seen in Hangouts and other examples.

The web address is easy to remember – be the same once it becomes public – but don’t bother to click. Will give you a 404 error then probably by now only work between employees of Google.

Moreover, the web application shares exactly the same design and several features that the Android version. It is possible to speak with the Assistant, add emojis and stickers, Search chats and consult your past conversations. What seems to be missing is the sending photos and sound clips: These may arrive later.

Do it will be to the WhatsApp or the Telegram?

What we don’t know for now is if this version for desktop (or web) of Allo will follow the footsteps of WhatsApp or Telegram. Until now, Allo seems to have been inspired more by WhatsApp that Telegram, or even nearby Hangouts.

The Allo talks are linked to a unique number and device, just like WhatsApp, What has brought some headache to users and developers in the web version is concerned. WhatsApp for web and PC only works with the mobile power, and is more a timer messages to the Pushbullet as a desktop client.

Telegram on the other hand, it is a service focused on the cloud, so you can use it on as many devices as you want, without the need to be synchronized between them being connected and turned on at the same time. You don’t need not imagine too, because this is exactly the same thing that makes Hangouts, linked to a Google account.

The appearance of this web version of Allo makes us ask ourselves once again What will be the future of Allo. So far the connection with Google account is optional, in theory only used to personalize your experience with the wizard, but may in the future this will change to synchronize the account. Or maybe that Allo steps WhatsApp and follow linked to a single device, synchronizing in real time.

We will know the answer to this and other questions that we will be making in the coming weeks or months, as we know more of Allo to PC. The synchronization in the cloud It is certainly an advantage for those who we use many devices at the same time, while the direct synchronization It is more respectful to privacy. What is best? It depends on your preferences… and how many devices use normally.

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