Allo Has a New Bot, Lucky, Seeking GIF Animated for You

By: camillebrion

Allo is the latest messaging application from Google that doesn’t quite take off. It recently premiered version 5.0, whose only novelty was the use of the Chrome Custom Tabs to open links, and now we have another novelty, in this case not related with an update, but since the server-side.

The Google BOT (i.e. the) Assistant) just you appear a friend in the ecosystem of Allo. His name is Lucky and it has come to chat to add animated GIF to your conversations. Its name comes from the mythical I’m Feeling Lucky function or I’ll be lucky, and it is that it sends you automatically GIF that most think it conforms to what you are looking for.

Lucky add GIF to Allo

So, the next time that you are having a conversation in Allo and that you are not speaking only, write to lucky to add an animated GIF to the conversation. The nuance speak only comes because lucky does not work in a private chat with the Google Wizard: must be in a chat with a human or in a chat of Group.

The operation is as easy as writing lucky followed by key words that want to try the animated GIF. For example “lucky funny dog” or “lucky sad face”. The bot will automatically add the bot to the conversation and will allow you to ask more GIF on the subject.

The greater irony of the matter is not that someone at Google has wasted time developing this instead of other more important shortcomings of Allo, but Lucky is available in Spanish. This is fine, obviously, but serves to dig more into the wound of the fact that nearly four months later, the Google Assistant still does not speak our language.

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