All Around Charming

Anyone looking for a fine phone with Smart phone full Interior, comes hardly on the flat Nokia E51. Our test tells you why.

It is chic, flat and offers modern features such as Wi-Fi and HSDPA. The E51 miser not with Visual stimuli, still lacks the model of technology under the hood. Who wants change in the meantime, can insert on top of that a music player or a 2-megapixel camera.

The charming business phone E51 with Nokia’s successful S60 user interface (version 3.1) in a good mood and-we no longer want to leave you in the dark—has secured a top-10 Finish.

Telephone/Data: Almost Complete

The E51 shows strong data and offers a thick package of telephone functions.The Smartphone is not good only for video calling.

Phone features
Video calls while builds the E51 thanks to UMTS support, but you are really happy that hardly: telephony face to face, a camera on the front is missing the E51.

Otherwise, the Smartphone is no observation: you can insert the E51 thanks to GSM quadband almost worldwide. Anrufer-and group-based call signaling with pre-installed or own melodies are there as well as a thick address book for the management of thousands of contacts. The profile options, with which the unit can be adapted according to your own needs on different environments show lush. In addition, you can make calls with the E51 with Wi-Fi power supply via Voice over IP (VoIP), a wizard helps you set up not quite trivial. An offline mode, which allows the use of the E51 as a music player in the aircraft, completes the offer.

Data functions
The data capabilities in the E51 cover all wishes. Email retrieval and Internet visits work via Wi-Fi fix. Our E51 had for example the Xonio homepage on the screen in less than 15 seconds. The featured HTML browser can be operated by mouse pointer and five-way button well-as with all current Smartphones from Nokia. No hotspot in the vicinity, it goes via HSDPA quickly on the Web. Surfing over the cellular network works also via EDGE and GPRS, if not quite as fast.

Bluetooth 2.0 (including stereo headset profile), infrared and USB 2.0 (full speed) take over the exchange of data with compatible devices.

PDA/Multimedia: With Office And Fun

The address book synchronization with the local computer and an Office suite are today also a good business phone as an entertainment program. This combination meets the E51 despite small smears.

PDA functions
Notes, task management, calendar, lush contact database, full-blown mail client: all important functions to the personal information management (PIM) into the E51. Except for the emails, you can synchronize everything with the computer through the software in the package. That worked pretty fast in the test. It took no 70 seconds, landed up 1,000 Outlook contacts with multiple entries of our XP notebook in the E51 via USB cable as well as wirelessly via Bluetooth. Matching via infrared was done in approximately 100 seconds.

There is a real alarm clock – it rings even if you have switched off the phone – as well as a recording function for speech and sounds. Office files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF formats can consider themselves on the preinstalled programs quick Office and Adobe Reader on the E51, but not edit. That should prepare little joy honestly via mobile phone keypad. Counterparties with a full keyboard and touch screen are much better for it.

Multimedia features
A good expeller music player will entertain at the E51 beside a RealPlayer and a radio. Songs sound powerfully with 2,5-Millimter Jack through the included stereo headset. Presets and 5-band equalizer, you can customize the sound to your preferences. The free memory (about 127 MB) contains ordinary MP3 quality music around two hours. If you want more space, must purchase a microSD card. That although there at bargain prices, but would have allowed attach equal to a memory card Nokia: only with her the E51 is the external PC drive and music files can be exchanged directly drag and drop, without having previously installed the PC Suite software needs to be.

A digital camera in your phone also offers the E51: you take photos up to 2 megapixels still passable quality photos, sample photos can be found in the photo gallery. On a photo light did not however, as games. You can be but at least.

Practice: Finishing

The sleek, chic design in addition to the tremendous facilities also speaks for the E51. We had failures at the user guide in the test not be reported.

Key data and processing
Granted, with 115 mm length the well processed E51 is not the shortest model of its kind. For this, it turns out pretty flat with a 13 mm for a Smartphone and lies well in the hand. Especially as the weight was limited to 100 grams and the components almost always make a high-quality impression. So that you can get rid of the chrome parts of unsightly finger prints, Nokia delivers with a polishing cloth.

User guidance and control
The convenient user interface S60 proved once again with the E61. So, according to your own needs sorting the many menu folder, create new, and optionally display them as lists on the high-contrast display.

For prolific writer isn’t the E51, E-Mail can be more comfortable typing on a full keyboard. After all, but offer a crunchy sear the numeric keys of the E51 and fix respond to finger pressure. Per five-way button, navigate easily through the menu. They could fill them with functions of your choice to access directly. More shortcuts offer hot keys and soft keys, the failed but something small and narrow for our taste.You can abbreviate the ways to select applications and phone numbers also via voice command and voice dialing which easily worked in the test and also underlines the effective user guidance of the E51.

Battery and acoustics
In the battery test, the E51 has proven staying power. So it lasted a continuous talk at maximum transmitter power whopping 4:15 hours. However, slight distortion and the sound of mumbling something disrupted us in the test phone calls. In addition, the line was not noise-free. The built-in handsfree noticed as often – uncomfortable in the fixed network partner – by many dropouts at the intercom.

Conclusion: Deserved Entry In The Top 10

The balancing act between fine optics and thicker facilities is succeeded in the E51 Nokia. A station wagon, the model under which top 10 of our cell phone and Smartphone rankings leads straight. But also the E51 is not perfect.

So the noble-looking Smartphone offers neither a camera for real Video telephony still, a photo light at the camera equipment. To do this, Nokia has no Memory card in the delivery package. But these are gaps which probably hardly upset many users. Especially as the E51 can – post and some more on the credit side and with the good price of 290 euros without a contract (Status: January 14, 2008).

So this plays only business phone with Wi-Fi and HSDPA flat its strengths with the 13 mmData functions from. It offers solid Office quality and this is coupled with numerous multimedia features such as a sound strong Music player. There are plenty Akku power and a good and effective navigation. Only the small keys the user require some tact.

Who wants more business in a fancy Smartphone of the Nokia brand, which should E61i closer look at. The alternative fails while wider, but also flat constructed-and currently available in around 300 euros without a contract (stand: 14. 2008).