All Accessories and Cables for the Galaxy S3!

Advancement of technology and its enormous features. What can we say the limit of this evolution? Will this limit exist? The month of may of 2012 was marked by the launch of a modern and impressive smartphone.

We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Have you had a chance to give us all the features and settings of this unit. Now is the time for you to meet all your accessories and their functionality. This list of items is made up of very simple accessories and other well advanced, see all the following options:


Allshare Cast

This accessory allows wireless sharing of the content of your Galaxy SIII. All multimedia files to your device will appear directly on your tv. A great option for those who like that sort of function, since you will not need to be so close to the tv and not limited by motion.


This accessory is amazing! It was developed to play songs that are in your Galaxy SIII, but this can be done even when you are a Km away from the appliance. Exactly what you understand, he has the ability to play all music synchronized with your Galaxy SIII, even though you are in a location and your smartphone in another completely different. It has a 4 GB memory and a battery that promises 17 hours long. In addition to this you can also use accessory speakers on your cell phone, to make a sound even more powerful.

Flip Cover

Could not miss on this list in any way. This accessory is designed to protect the front and back of your Galaxy SIII. With a modern design, this accessory will not leave your ugliest smarphone, we can say that is exactly the opposite. See other models of flip cover for your Galaxy S3.

He is a great option for use on your desktop. This accessory’s main functions, good protection and extension of features of your Galaxy SIII. He works as a wireless charger. In addition to allow you to use a connection port for audio, and can be hooked up to speakers or TVs and fully compatible with the flip cover. Discover and buy other dock models.

Slim Cover

Is a model similar to the Flip Cover, but without the front guard. In this case, the attachment is made of a rubberized plastic highly resistant and shaped specially for the Galaxy SIII. Besides giving a new face to your smartphone, it will provide a very minor damage in case of falls. Choose other colors to Slim cover for Galaxy S3.

Protective Film

Practically indispensable for anyone who has a Galaxy SIII. Is film was created to increase the protection of your appliance. The idea is to prevent any possible scratches and impacts directly on the screen of your smartphone. And may without finding in two models:

Classic – That conventional model, with 99% transparency.

Matte – With 89% of transparency, this is a more modern model and prevents fingerprint marks on the screen.

See other models of film for your Galaxy S3, that can please you!

Memory Card

We are talking about the Micro SDHC Micro SD 16 GB Kingston. This is your great option to increase the storage capacity of your Galaxy SIII. Perfect for anyone who likes to always have on hand many songs, movies and photos. See the larger cards with best rates for use in your Galaxy S3.

Sports Armband

This accessory is perfect for people who enjoy practicing sport. She is very comfortable and quite water resistant. Will give a special protection for your Galaxy SIII, without causing a lot in your arm and leaving your smartphone in easy access to navigation. Liked it? Then choose your model of the Galaxy clamp S3 now!

Vehicular Charger

The name says it all, this accessory allows you to load your Galaxy SIII in your vehicle via the cigarette lighter of the car. Perfect to surprise at that moment, in that you just realized that the smartphone was unloaded when you left home. Choose from the various models of vehicular chargers for the Galaxy S3.

Micro USB Adapter for USB OTG

With this adapter, you have the ability to make your Galaxy SIII a USB host. It allows you to connect with other memory devices with USB input, further enhancing the ability of file storage. See the various models of OTG cables & adapters for the Galaxy S3.

We’ve reached the end of this article and we hope you all enjoyed the tips. Take the opportunity to choose which accessory you need in your everyday life. Don’t forget to comment and tell us what you think.