All About the Nokia N97

Touchscreen, full keyboard, lots of speed and memory: The Nokia N97 is to make the mobile competitors fade away. We answer all questions regarding the new flagship.

All About the Nokia N97

For years, the Nokia N97 is expected not only by fans of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. End of 2006 found themselves first Rumors to the top phone on the Internet. But until early December the N97 was presented actually-at Nokia World in Barcelona. was there and one was a prototype of the opulently equipped all-round mobile phone with touch screen and widget functionality Practice testundergo.

In addition we show all Videos to the mobile phone and tell you in our Podcast, what we think of the Nokia N97.

You want to wait not on the N97 and currently looking for an equivalent Alternative? We have scoured the current mobile phone market and tell you which phones as a replacement for the N97 are good.

Or the hype surrounding the N97 is too much for you? What do you think about the second touchscreen phone from Nokia?

Rumors & Facts: News About The N97

End of 2006 wandering the Nokia N97 by the media. Also dmamls was already talk of a 5-megapixel camera and huge memory.

In the year 2006, the rumor mill to the Nokia N97 cooked. The phone should come with a downright fantastic facilities for that time: 5-megapixel camera with 20 x zoom. On the wish list were 3-inch display (still no touch screen) and an internal memory of 20 GB. The design of the N97 reminded strongly of the N95 cutting-edge at the time.

Two years later, it was ready: Nokia unveiled the N97 early December actually. And the rumors kept quite, at least partially. In the N97, a 5-megapixel camera actually works and also the memory is more than handsome with 48 GB. Visually is nothing more with the rumor of 2006 the current N97 however.

Practical Test: Winner With Touch

Hardly presented and already tested. We had the opportunity to under pull the N97 a first practice test. Conclusion: leadership!

With the Nokia N97, the Finnish mobile phone leader wants to start a new era: with the touch screen cell phone focuses on the Internet and most comfortable use on a mobile phone. But also the other facilities of the mobile phone is enormous…

Easy to use and fast
In the practice test convinced the N97 especially by its user friendliness. There were pluses for the quickly and precisely responsive touch screen, as well as for the full keyboard. The integrated Web browser easily operated with the fingers, on the Internet, the user reaches also widgets that can be placed on the display as desired. This kommem N97 features such as GPS navigation, 5 megapixel camera, from 32 to 48 GB of expandable memory and multimedia player:

N97 Live: All Videos To Cell Phone

Images and information are not enough you, you want to see the new Finnish star in action? We show you all the latest videos.

How big is the phone really, the surfaces look like and how does the QWERTY keyboard and especially the touch screen in practice? Pictures or videos say here often more than a thousand words:

N97 in the film
In addition to the information, details and images, there are of course quite a few moving images on the video portal YouTube, which give first live impressions of the Nokia Flagship. Of our practice test, we shot a live video for you:

Xonio Podcast: Voices to the N97

Follow our Xonio podcast 019 we talk to Nokia on the N97 and speak about impressions from practice.

Also in the 19th Xonio podcast all about the Nokia N97, the touch screen mobile phone of market leader Nokia announced for next year and only the second touchscreen phone from Nokia at all turns.

Expert opinion
To the N97, the competent Nokia Manager Ukko Lappalainen manifests itself in our podcast, also our editor-in-Chief Uwe Baltner talks about his personal impressions of the pre-production version of the Nokia N97 featured in Barcelona.

Buying Tips: All Alternatives To The N97

The N97 will be likely until mid-2009, we will show you the best current alternative to the Nokia phone.

Touch screen, QWERTY keyboard and GPS? Or HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and many mega pixels? For these attributes, you must not necessarily wait for the Nokia N97.

The current alternatives
The HTC Touch Pro on the Sony Ericsson X 1 up to the BlackBerry storm. Several competitors that can quite compete with the N97 in equipment can be found at the business mobile phones.

Or iPhone, Samsung innov8 or Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: with phones good substitute for the N97 is also found. In our photo gallery of finding you the best current alternatives to the upcoming N97.

Umfrage: Was Halten Sie Vom N97?

Kann Nokia mit dem N97 endlich zur Touch-Konkurrenz aufschließen und eventuell sogar abhängen? Sagen Sie uns Ihre Meinung zum Buiness-Handy.

Huge facilities, smart design and touch screen-with the N97 Nokia attacking the iPhone, to succeed on the HTC Touch models, on Google and also on the increasingly popular Netbooks.

What do you mean?
So far, exactly these counterparties were unattainable for Nokia. Reason: Lacked just the right phone to be able to successfully participate in the target group of this fellow. The Nokia N97 will change that, right? What do you think?