Aldi-Tablet: Medion P9514 P9516 (MD99100)

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End of 2011 medion presented his first tablet: The P9514 lifetab in the test at the time better than ipad & co. Cut off. Whether the successor P9516 ipad surpassed the previous and the new, clarifies the test.

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Technical details
Since lenovo acquired middle of medion’s last year, the chinese manufacturer delivers the hardware for the P9514 P9516 now (the first aldi tablet came from MSI). As with its predecessor, an NVIDIA tegra 2 processor working inside. The P9516 is a bit heavier than the P9514 1.5 centimeters thick and 773 grams. The silver color end P9514 label is still attached.

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The ten-inch touchscreen lights up unchanged with 1280 x 800 pixels. He shows bold colors and a sharp image. Oblique angle reduces image quality slightly stronger than the new ipad. Like the housing, the screen is scratch-resistant. In addition to the reflections, the low brightness makes it difficult reading in unfavourable light conditions.

Medion P9514 P9516 (MD99100)

8 pictures details and accessories of the second lifetabs equipment

The P9514 has 32 gigabytes (GB) of memory, of which approximately 25 GB are free. Expand the memory with a microsd card up to 32 GB which is open the cover with a supplied bracket a smarter business. Camera and microphone enable video telephony. The camera with photo light makes snapshots with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Medion provides a protective cover with.


Connect the aldi tablet via the supplied HDMI cable with a TV set or monitor (appropriate display resolution, it supports 1080 p playback), via bluetooth with your phone. You plug external storage and keyboards via supplied USB adapter to the multi function connector. A jack for a headset is on board.

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So that the internet access on the go, there are in addition to wi-fi, UMTS. Devices without UMTS on the internet come via hotspot. With the enclosed aldi talk starter set (ten euros starting credit) you book, for example, the aldi internet flatrate with 500 megabytes of data volume for 30 days (7,99 euro). The P9514 also works with third-party data rates. With short charging times and more comfortable operation of the internet browser cuts a fine figure, he was healthy all tested pages.

Operation and endurance

Android 3.2.1 (honeycomb) is installed on the P9514 P9516. The new android 4 (ice cream sandwich) medion according to there in the summer for the older P9514 lifetab. The touch screen responds to finger touches liquid, the operation is intuitive. Despite higher weight is the aldi-tablet in the hand and has a higher quality than its predecessor. In normal operation the battery lasts seven and a half twelve, while video plays six hours., surfing

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Conclusion: Medion P9514 P9516 (MD99100)

Medion delivers a compelling android tablet with the P9514 P9516. With lush furnishings, many connection possibilities and good touch screen, the P9514 for €399 is a good, cheap offer.

Test conclusion: What you should know

Medion delivers a compelling android tablet with the P9514 P9516. With lush furnishings, many connection possibilities and good touch screen, the P9514 for 399 euros is a good, cheap offer. Order this product at amazon pro liquid control housing and display scratch including aldi talk starter set many connections HDMI cable and protective cover against android 4 supplied only in the summer display not anti-reflective testrating editorial 1.99 good users rating (out of 2 reviews)

Alternative: Ipad (3rd generation)

The cheapest option of the new ipads (16 GB, wifi) is already more expensive than the P9514 with 479 euro , for a comparable facilities (32 GB, UMTS), apple requires 699 euro. For get familiar apple quality and the currently hottest tablet display.

Update (21.6.2012): Update now on android 4.0 ice cream sandwich possible for both the P9514 P9516 and the P9514 lifetab MEDION has now provided the updates on android 4.0.3 ICS. Medion gives tips on how you should best carry out the update on his facebook profile. Basically, even after the update, search for the devices. If you don’t want to wait go in the menu under settings on the tab over the phone and on the system update. We recommend before the update to protect your data, because the update caused problems for some users.

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