Air Conditioning Reverse Cycle Systems: Economy and Great Performance

Technology is in favor of convenience and economy – these are the advantages of air conditioning reverse system. The device consumes less power thanks to its system that keeps the temperature stable. This is possible because the machine adjusts the speed of the compressor, leaving him permanently attached, just to save the climate.

When necessary, it automatically reduces its power, ensuring energy savings of up to 40% – compared to other traditional models. Basically, the product has fewer spikes “on and off”, so that consumes more power and generates fluctuations in temperature.

Still have questions about the benefits of the reverse?

Being the model “cold” and “hot and cold”, the inverter reaches the desired temperature quickly and the best: without much noise, since the compressor operates almost without oscillations. It concerned with the preservation of the environment, other good news: this air-conditioned model makes use of ecological refrigerant gas type not harmful to the ozone layer.

There is no specific environment suitable for the use of this air conditioning. But like the other models, there is a range of powers. To find the ideal device for your space, simply calculate the amount of BTU, as it determines the cooling power of each device.