Adobe Will Charge 9% of the Flash Games Revenue

Last week Adobe released the long awaited version 11.2 of Flash Player. This new version includes better support for hardware acceleration and video processing, two items that will make much better the capabilities games on the platform, and some other features. Allied to these important developments, an Adobe attitude change showed that the company is also behind a generous slice of the revenues of those who create applications for the platform.
The estimate today is that there are one billion computers with internet access in the world, the same number that Adobe has justified as the power range of the Flash platform, exactly the same speech that some evangelists HTML5, since official statistics They show that 99% of computers have some version of Flash Player.


Based on these data and bet some big games companies in Flash as a game platform, Adobe released a resource package premium for application developers Flash.

Among the main features, shown in the Adobe Developer Connection, one that draws attention is integration code in C and C ++ in Flash. This allows portability games created for consoles, something that was demonstrated by Epic Games to view a demo of Unreal Tournament running within Internet Explorer 9 with Flash 11.2.

Two other features are the ability to use the Domain Memory, memory management technology, and Stage3D, integration technology with video cards. Both will give more freedom to the developer, who will can create faster and without that lock known webgames games more complex.

These features come with a major shift from the Adobe. Any game that is developed using these items premium should pass 9% of the Adobe sales after the brand of $ 50,000. This means that games developed with the UDK or Unity engine, two popular engines in 3D export Flash, will have to pay Adobe if they want to continue using the company’s technology as a means of distribution.

The new rule only applies from August 1 this year, so any game released before it will not need to pay anything to Adobe. It is noteworthy that at least UDK already gets a slice of the profits of developers after that brand of $ 50,000. Good pro Adobe pocket, but not so good for small businesses that have invested in the web.