Adobe Lightroom Comes on Your iPad and iPhone

Adobe brings an addition to its eponymous desktop photo platform with the Lightroom app. Thus, you can synchronize your snapshots not only on computers, iPad and iPhone, but now go edit images.

Lightroom mobile to specifically serve to extend the desktop program by Adobe on mobile devices: the app is not alone and is thanks to Adobe’s creative cloud with your local image archive in conjunction. For the iPad, the app available for free download in the app store, an iPhone version will follow soon.

To use Lightroom mobile, you must register for free download of the app for one of Adobe’s creative-cloud services. The best of them is the Photoshop photography program, whose membership using at least 12.29 euro hits a month to beech.

Adobe’s Photo Studio for on the Go – with Swabs

Processing larger images on the iPad allows smart previews through the use of Adobe, is created when a proxy file for editing that only 2-3% of the size of the original has. The image processing to expire quickly and without much delay in this way despite the limited computing power.

Unlike the desktop version, which can be mobile variant of course control with multi touch gestures, offers only a slimmed-down range of image processing options: color saturation, contrast and light settings can set mobile. Many of the more complex features, such as, for example, the healing brush is missing here, however.