According To WGSN Portal, Simple Life And Connected To Nature’s Tendency To Behavior

There are some who think a projection exercise somewhat intangible thinking about next summer’s bikini whilenot we took the coats from the closet. What about theprognoses for 2016 wishes? Predictions of fashion trends and behavior (or futurology, for some) are the main business of the WGSN global portal, which during the São Paulo Fashion Week Press and businessmen gathered for an event that pointed to far beyond the summer parades that rolled in the Villa-Lobos Park or at Marina da Gloria, in the recent fashion week.
This edition of WSNG @ SPFW had special weight sinceit was the first after the merger of the British portal withthe bureau of Stylesight and buy American trend of brazilian consulting Mindset. With the theme of Utopia, the meeting had on presentation of Leticia Abraham, Director of the Mindset, your time more interesting. Leticia presented Super Trends – three macro trends of WGSN for autumn-winter season 2015-2016, with references from both portals: WGSN and Stylesight. The presentation,full of impactful videos and pop references, speaks more of sociology and anthropology than in themselves. Each macrotendência (check out details of each below) gives an account of a social profile that tends to grow in society in the near future. From there, the portal develops an analysis of how such profiles will be transported tothe style and fashion.
In this Edition, the seminar concluded with a round table formed by members of the FLUX, innovative Braziliannetwork created by WGSN. Mediated by Andrea Bisker,CCO of WGSN Group in Latin America, the talk was attended by Jackson Ahmad, creative consultant of the project Santa Catarina fashion and culture (SCMC), and thedesigner Gilda Midani.
People do not feel represented by the Government andturn frustration into engagement. There is the emergence of a genuine sense of compassion and creative ideas and a clarity that everything is interconnected. Breaking a cycle of social autism and superindividualismo thanks to the desire to live, not just survive. Desire to reconnect to the other.
Divided into three trends:
Urban proact-proactivity urbana
Goord Deeds – good deeds and good practices
I’m (l) business-social capitalism
Designed by artist and activist Paulo Thiago mundane,Pimp my Wagon is a social, environmental and culturalproject which aims to get the pickers of invisibility ‘ pimpando ‘ (tunando or customizing, in free translation) your wagons.
Photo: Marc Jacobs/Disclosure
Reflection on fashion
The investigation of the social question inspires a stricter interpretation of design.
Vectors: vintage modern, Japanese designers, unexpected proportions and influence of sport
The future will be directed for information, but supported by intuition, as well as the contemporary design is inspired by the ancient symbolism.
Divided into three trends:
Embodiment-technologies applied to the body to supply or increase biological functions
Self tracking-Devices, applications, and sites that map personal activities as its sleep, for example
Low-fi-term that appropriates the concept of low quality for an ode to simpler lifestyle, connected with natureand less produced.
Photo: Neil Harbisson/Disclosure
Neil Harbisson, colour-blind artist who invented a mechanism that lets you “hear” colors
Photo: Vivienne Westwood/Disclosure

Reflection on fashion
Modern mixture to vintage, heavy, punk layers tricôs, vivid colors and tweed
Search for small paradises in everyday life, removing the excess and leaving only what’s essential. Appreciationof the fundamental elements of life: time, simplicity and pleasure.
Divided into three trends:
Viceless – life without excess, without addictions
Micro adventures – Spaces for small leaks, like the Psicodalia festival in Rio Negrinho, Santa Catarina
ReLOVution – love as fuel of contemporaneity. The old love liquids are replaced by new modern love
Photo: notes on a single/Disclosure
Manu, Hugo and his sons Thomas and Nina have traded the comfortable life in Lagoa Santa (MG) to live in the Chapada Diamantina (Bahia). Between highs and lows, Manu reports in blog notes on a choice how’s life in the field, where they produce their own food.
Photo: H&M/Disclosure
Reflection on fashion
Oversized silhouette, bright colours and classic chess.
The journalist traveled at the invitation of the Organization of the event WGSN @ SPFW