Accessories: Pregnancy in Style

One of the most memorable stages in the life of a woman’s pregnancy. But the changes of the body that need to make constant adjustments in your wardrobe, during the nine months of pregnancy. In addition, it is not always easy to find elegant pieces and fashion, for what many women feel the lack of a more creative and feminine touch at this point.

In order to enhance your curves, but also draw attention to other areas of the body, we suggest using the accessories you already have and adapt them to the different stages of pregnancy. Bet on clothing basic neutral tones, which disguise the body volume, and invest in accessories such as belts, necklaces and scarves.


A good way to highlight their new forms is to score the most lean body with a belt, preferably medium or thin. Use it over her belly, and under breasts, for a more elegant look. Take a knot at the top, if you feel that this is a little tight on the buckle. So, you’re going to get a more modern, composed and relaxed. The belt is an excellent accessory to adjust a wide dress or close a Cardigan.


Nothing better than to draw attention to the neckline and neck area with a maxi-colar, diverting attention from the belly to the neck. However, if you have large breasts do not put necklaces, ending in the chest. In this case, you should use them together around your neck or resorting to long necklaces, which will highlight the center of the body, helping to refine the silhouette. A good option to create a more sophisticated look or creative.

Handkerchiefs and Scarves

In order to protect the neck from the cold, but also give more style to your look use and abuse of tissues. The scarf or handkerchief lying on the side helps to refine the silhouette. You can also use this accessory wrapped around the neck, with draped or us, to create different visuals with the same piece. The wipes are also a good way to give some color to the face. The patterns with flowers, balls, chess or animal print also help disguise the belly, because they are more appealing, especially when used on neutral tones.