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The first permanent English settlement in North America was Jamestown in 1607, located in what is now the great state of Virginia. Meanwhile, far from the madding crowds back east, the future inhabitants of New Mexico were settling a town of their own-Santa Fe, founded in 1609. New Mexico was, and still is today, a cultural mix of Mexico, Spain, Native America, and the Anglo explorers from Europe's northern half. The sometimes historically tentative marriage has lately exploded into a world of color and vibrance that is hard to match, and even harder to describe.
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Just think about this: the Rocky Mountains, San Juan, and Sangre de Cristo ranges; the Canadian, Gila, and Pecos Rivers; and the great Rio Grande all carve their peculiar topographical niches here. In the middle of all this, there are basins and plateaus too numerous to mention, six different vegetation zones (most states claiming more than two are considered downright polymorphous), a city that's nearly 400 years old and the booming metropolis of Albuquerque (spell that fast, with your eyes closed). With the state's fierce diversity extending to its most remote geographic corners, it's no wonder people have learned how to get along here. Is it, as the state slogan says, the "Land of Enchantment"? We're still brushing the stardust from our eyes.

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