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There's no place like home, Toto. So click your magic toenails and take us back to the land of Auntie Em and traveling tent shows, wheat and cows at pasture-and, more often than not, soybeans. It's a changing world. Some two and a half million people now dot the plains once dominated by Pawnee and Osage Indians; and where the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails were forged, cities like Kansas City (which sits smack dab on the Kansas-Missouri border), Topeka, and Wichita grow.

Kansas State Flag

Kansas State Bird The Location of Kansas


Though the state's economy is still largely agricultural, its affable, affordable cities increasingly attract newcomers with resources and amenities more worthy of a cosmopolitan nod than the cow town status they've enjoyed.

With Kansas playing host to over 50 institutions of higher learning, more than 20 state parks, one of the nation's most prominent centers of mental health research, and holding the dubious distinction of being the birthplace of both Dwight Eisenhower and Bob Dole, it's hard to imagine that the explorer Stephen Long once proclaimed Kansas the "Great American Desert." There's nothing dry here that we can see; just a lot of fertile links.

Other Kansas Cities


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