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Once a forested wilderness teeming with wildlife, Indiana now more closely resembles the Plains States to the west-rolling hills of grain for miles and miles and miles. Corn and cattle are the principal activities in the state, although not necessarily the most profitable. Suffice it to say that when settlers started showing up in the 19th century, they brought their axes and forges with them. And axes and forges are still hard at it. The northwest portion of the state-called the Calumet-hosts one of the greatest concentrations of heavy industry in the nation. As you move eastward, the industrial interests lighten up somewhat and give some ground to large scale commercial enterprises.

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Indiana is called the Crossroads of America, and its residents are known as Hoosiers. Nobody knows exactly what a Hoosier is, but if you are a native of the state, you are a Hoosier. Maybe it has something to do with the limestone quarries. Or maybe it's related to corn, which is just about everywhere south of the Calumet industrial region where there isn't a limestone quarry. Indiana is also notable for its covered bridges in the Terre Haute area and for the annual Indianapolis 500. Corn, cars, and commerce-that's Indiana for you, Hoosier wannabe.

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