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Despite the toll of American tourism, an imperious U.S. military presence, rank overdevelopment, and a constant stream of real estate investors gradually buying up the whole shebang, Hawaii is still one of the few genuine paradises left on the planet. Culturally diverse, topographically challenging,

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 stunningly beautiful, downright pristine in many areas, and boasting some of the finest surfing and water sports in the world, Hawaii is definitely one of those places to see before you die. Native islanders may not be so thrilled to see you. Their culture has been turned into a tourist attraction, and they still battle realtors and the government for the return of their lands and accompanying ownership rights. Even issues of sovereignty are making their way through the federal courts. If those pushing for independence have their way, Hawaii could mark the first successful secession in United States history, perhaps paving the way for those others who've tried (and failed) and for those folks in northern Hawaii who keep threatening.

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