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So what do you know about Delaware, other than the fact that the New York-Washington Amtrak line makes a stop there on its daily runs? Or that General Washington once made a famous crossing across an eponymously named river? Well, here's a clue: Henry Hudson (of Hudson River fame) was the first guy to really explore the area in the early 17th century, and pretty much ever since, Delaware has been one the country's most important and productive industrial areas (the famous du Pont family has helped see to that).

Delaware State Flag

Delaware State Bird The Location of Delaware


And just because it's a small little place on the Atlantic coast, don't let that fool you: Delaware's population density is well above the national average, and most of its residents are urbanites. Wilmington, in particular, offers citizens many of the cultural advantages of its better-known sister cities to the north and south, but is free from the million-plus population figures, soaring real estate prices, and competition for scarce resources. We turned up a slew of pleasant surprises on our cyber visit.

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