6 Tips that Your Outfit Is Not Cheap

1. Dark Colors Fade

Dark garments, which are regularly washed, quickly lose their intense Black tone. Pays attention to the proper care of things and tried to wash them as little as possible. Alternatively rather buy the favorite part in a bright color.

2. Transparent Materials Without Food

Who has not ever experienced this moment where you realize that the airy summer dress in the sunlight is suddenly completely transparent?Make sure to avoid embarrassing appearances on the feeding of garments. So, to avoid that the White Rock gives more than is desirable.

3. Clothing Repair

As soon as your Clothing small nodules form, dissolve some seams or missing buttons, it looks fast cheap. Leave your stuff in the Schneider patch and reduces annoying pilling by taking proper care of the clothing.

4. Beware Of Stretch Materials

Certain items of clothing, for example, jeans pants, is a stretch in the material composition of advantage, but artificial fibres, such as polyester and co., are indeed stretchable, but partially transparent and shiny, this what fast cheap can. Always ensure the material composition.

5. Fashion Jewelry

Too many Rhinestones, Bling-Bling and fake model  jewellery can appear quickly cheap. Therefore, the motto is: “Less is more”. When combined fashion jewelry to your outfit, watch jewelry well processed and it uses judiciously.

6. Caution When Decorations, Printing, And Applications

Nothing is cheaper than an accidentally washed print on a T-Shirt or bad embroidered sequins on our evening dress. The processing of the garments decides whether a look is pretty or cheap. Pay attention to the details and in case of doubt let the finger of the sweater with the poorly sewn beads.