6 Symptoms That Pregnant Women Should Not Ignore During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period in which the woman’s body undergoes many changes, the body changes, the hormones jump, and it is natural to feel some discomfort. Some symptoms can not and should not be ignored.

6 Symptoms That Pregnant Women Should Not Ignore During Pregnancy

Headaches, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating are very common symptoms.

The symptoms of pregnancy are felt in different forms and intensities from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Although most symptoms are quite normal, it is important for the pregnant woman to be able to identify the symptoms that she should not ignore. If she feels them, she should consult her doctor or go directly to the hospital.

Symptoms that pregnant women should not ignore


Fever is one of the most common symptoms of infection and infections should be treated promptly. If you feel feverish and have a temperature above 37.5 ° C, you should call your doctor and follow their directions. If the fever goes beyond 39 ° C, you should go to the doctor immediately or to the hospital.


Bleeding during pregnancy is very common, but future moms are always frightened. The bleeding can have immense causes of this the implantation of the embryo, cleaning the body, wounds. Even if it is a mild bleed you should go to the doctor and dismiss any serious problem.


One of the symptoms that may indicate preeclampsia is swelling of the feet, hands and face. At the end of pregnancy with weight gain it is common to get pregnant to end the day with swollen feet. But the swelling associated with severe headaches and vision problems are sign that should go quickly to the hospital.

Itching or itching

Itching in the whole body can indicate problems in the liver, and lead to a picture of obstetric cholestasis. It is normal to feel itchy areas where the skin stretches but if the carriage is uncontrollable and intense it should go immediately to the hospital.

Pain to urinate or deep in the back

Unfortunately, during pregnancy it is quite common for a woman to have urinary infections. You should see a doctor who feels a burning sensation or pain when urinating. You should consult your doctor and follow the prescribed treatment.

Do not feel the movements of the baby

At the end of pregnancy it is important for Mom to feel baby’s movements throughout the day. You should be aware if you do not feel the baby for a long time, in these cases lie down and drink ice water or eat a chocolate. If you do not feel the baby you should go to the hospital.