6 Child Decorating Tips for Kids Room

The rooms are very important rooms in a house.They are our place of refuge and rest, and must convey the calm and tranquility necessary for a good night’s sleep.When it comes to children’s room, then, the children’s decor has great influence on the sensation transmitted to the little ones.

When we go through this moment, when we have to choose the details of the children’s room, we often have many doubts.One is how to give a good aura to this place, without exaggerating.Also, if the child is already a little older, we have to tailor it to your personality as much as possible.

And that is why you should be well aware when choosing the details of your child’s room according to itypetravel. And to help you make this task simpler, we’ve created this post with 6 precious child decorating tips.Check it out!

1. Use wallpaper for children’s decor

The wallpapers are great options for the overall home decor.They are manufactured in the most varied types of textures, colors and prints.There are several options for wallpapers for children’s decor, with animal prints, cartoons, sports and nature related themes.

Another good reason to choose wallpaper is ease of application and removal.The whole procedure happens very quickly and you still avoid the dirt and the strong smell that a painting leaves in the house.

The wallpapers usually come with instructions for the application, so even you can apply it yourself if you follow the guidelines closely.

2. Bet the stickers

If you want to make the environment more fun and personalized, but in a subtle way, a great option is to use wall stickers.Just like the wallpapers, they are produced in various colors and designs.

You can decorate a more neutral wall with stickers of balloons, animals, planets and even a character that your child likes.There are several options with very playful and creative elements.

The stickers are very democratic, cater for all tastes and are more suitable for those who do not want to spend too much .So that the environment is in perfect harmony, choose the ones that combine with each other and with the rest of the colors present in the room, including the furniture.

Use the stickers to decorate the ceiling

To decorate the ceiling, there are options of stickers that glow in the dark in shapes of stars, moon and planets.These stickers give the sensation of having a starry sky over your head when the light goes out.

You can also use the traditional bird and cloud stickers that produce a good feel in the environment.

3. Choose furniture with vivid colors

The choice of furniture is extremely important as they should match the style of the bedroom and with the other items present.

When you choose the furniture, in addition to the functionality, choose those with more vivid colors to make the environment more fun.

It is interesting that the child finds himself in an environment in which he feels as comfortable as possible, after all, there is his corner.

You can also buy light furniture and paint them a vivid color later, if the value of the colors is not within your budget.The important thing is to use the colors in your favor so that everything is harmonious.

4. Use cushions and plush

As we have already seen, the children’s decoration is composed of several elements ranging from the choice of the wall covering to the choice of furniture.However, there are also some details that are indispensable to create the desired effect in the children’s room.

And we know that in some cases, these details are responsible for totally changing the face of the environment.This is where the cushions and plush come in.They are pieces that combine with any children’s decor and are available in several options, and, of course, serve as a toy at the time of the children’s fun.

Another plus point of the cushions is the ease of cleaning, just remove the covers and wash them often.With regard to plush, it is important that you choose hypoallergenic parts, as they tend to accumulate dust and dust mites.This way you prevent your child from developing any kind of allergy.

5. Invest in fixtures

This is a tip that unites versatility and decoration.The luminaires are pieces capable of transforming environments and are manufactured in different models, colors and shapes.

You should choose one that matches the child’s personality and the rest of the decor, but do not forget that your main function is to properly light up.

If you want to save money, a good tip is to use those LED flasher lights on the decor.By placing them around some mirror you create a dressing room aspect that kids love.You can also roll the yarn and put it in a pot, giving the impression that there are several fireflies in there.

These are just a few options for using this type of lighting.You can innovate by painting the lamp of another color more fun, for example.

6. Create Functional Environments

When we talk about children’s decor, you should understand that the most important thing is to portray the personality and taste of the child.

Always try to adjust the room to the routine of the child, providing a space for each activity that has to perform.You have the time to play, to rest and to do the chores.So it’s good to have a little table with the child’s crayons separated from where the toys are stored.

It is worth stressing how essential it is that you pay attention to all the details because they are the ones that will give personality to your child’s room.Other than that, let go of your imagination that will surely make the best choices.

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