5 Year Party Blog Guess Deluxe!

Hello my lovelies as were weekend? I was counting the minutes to publish this post huhuuu. Week day 14.01 was the day of celebrating the first festynha of 5 years of blog Luxury guess there on National Esmalteria Garden. Andu’ve done a post on there (see here), a very cute hat from place, full of glazes imported and domestic, a paradise for women. And there we were: drink, eat, throb and manicure just things I clarooo we love. There I met many readers and some I already knew, it was too good to meet some of you there to share a bit of my story, after all 5 years is a life, and get 5 years on the air, look is not easy.

Have you ever stopped to think, have something to post every day of the year as it is? And take pictures, edit, configure the system, you can imagine how many hours of work I need to do a post per day? Is my people, it’s not easy not kkkkk, well, as you know, I’m an expert in throb and everything I shoot, I’m novidadeira since I understand why people love to do it. As I always say, I have all this know-how to the years of work spent, experience is everything guys, we have to learn to climb step by step in our lives, we have to start at the bottom and climb, success comes before work only in the dictionary, in real life is a lot of work, “relationship” and then success!

Well, back to the subject of 5 year party Guess, I want to thank the affection of partners to carry out the party, I should like to begin by thanking the National Esmalteria Garden of States for having supported this idea of having a party there (hint good for q EMU wants to do a different party, gives to do girls suuuper), follow the instagram @esmalterianacionaljddosestados. The Boutique of the party for having contributed to every detail of the party, with the metallic balloons, disposable products, tags, follows the instagram @boutiquedafesta. The Bug Luscious Chocolaterie got presented with all the delicious candy, cake and party success alfajors absolutoooo, instagram is @bichomeladochocolateria! To my partners that they presented my readers, the Imperial Cases with each cell, a cute Cape more fashion than the other, follow the instagram ai @imperial_casespersonnel. I want to thank the Los Paleteiros which presented readers with a voucher and the Mood Magazine with a copy of the magazine, the instagram is @rebistamood. Thanks to all the partners of the blog that directly or indirectly cause a feeling of Luxury keep sit a great success during this period, I will be eternally grateful to all.

Look at the party which was

Look how cute the honeys of the party, in addition to beautiful were deliciooosos! All the honeys, alfajor and cake were made by Bug Luscious Chocolaterie, instagram is @bichomeladochocolateria, Facebook is also Worm Luscious Chocolaterie, everyone amooouu the candy!

All disposable products, tags, sailing, ahhh the metallic balloons ornament that did the maiooor success, were made of the Boutique of the party! There is a place that you find tuuudo in one place, the instagram is @boutiquedafesta phone (67) 3326-8181.

My guests dear, how was great meeting you, meet you (who I hadn’t met), it was a lot of fun, the coolest thing is that everyone wants to repeat kkkk all want more events like this!!!!

Now I’m going to show you some of the gifts that my guests received!!! Thanks again the Imperial Case @imperial_cases the Los Paleteiros and the Mood Magazine!

Girls I want to thank you in the picture and I promise to do more encontrinhos like this.