5 Ways to Wear the Bomber Jeans Jacket


5 Ways to Wear the Bomber Jeans Jacket

Autumn has arrived and it’s time to start renovating the wardrobe looks, is not it?The most stylish time of the year is coming and a piece you need to run after the faster the bomber jeans jacket is, it will be super high in the fall/winter looks.

So, to help you, we decided to leave here 5 sweeping looks with a bomber jeans jacket for you from ezhoushan.net. Check it!

5 Awesome Looks With Bomber Jeans Jacket

1-Bomber+Striped Jeans Jacket

The jeans match any color and any print, which makes it much easier to create the productions. Bet on the bomber jeans combination with skirts or striped shorts.

Choose a bomber jeans jacket with lighter wash, a super-basic white tank top, loose-fitting shorts with black-and-white striped print, and finish the look with high-top sneakers and a black shoulder bag.

2-Bomber Jeans Jacket+Skinny Black Jeans

If you are afraid of making mistakes in the combinations, bet on jeans and jeans, there is no mistake.

Choose a skinny black skinny jeans with a high waistband, a dug regatta or cropped white with phrases and close the look with bomber jeans. On the feet you can bet on a platform or for a more stripped-down look, a coturno or sneakers.

3-Bomber Jeans+Florida Stamp+Denim White

A super powerful combo that blends feminine delicacy with the smoothness of the bomber.

Choose a skinny jeans with high waistband in white, a lightly pastel-colored sweater and finish with a light-blue wash bomber jeans jacket to match the best.

On the feet, bet on a thicker heeled sandal in the nude color and a handbag of the same color.

4-Bomber Denim+Screaming Colors

Autumn still lends many colors of summer, so you can bet without fear in those stronger colors. And to match perfectly with denim, choose glaring combinations.

Choose a cropped or straight jeans with a folded bar with moderate wash, a single front, cropped or regatta in royal blue color and finish with bomber jeans jacket with light wash.

Now combine the rest of the accessories, bet on a short boot or ancle boot in red color and a handbag also in red color. The idea is to contrast even the strong colors, you can choose other combinations.

5-Bomber Jeans+Leather

Another powerful combination to use in the fall/winter. And while it’s not too cold, you can bet on skirts or leather shorts that look great for evening looks.

Choose a leather short with a folded bar, a golden belt to give that spot light, a single front or cropped in red or pink and finish with a bomber jeans jacket. On the feet bet on platforms, peep toe or scarpin in nude color and choose a black or nude shoulder bag.

The bomber jeans will appear a lot in fall/winter looks. In winter the combinations can be a little heavier and with more sober colors, but as long as winter does not arrive, we will abuse the colors.