5 Stylish Ways to Wear Pants Leggings in Winter

They have been “demonizadas” for fashion and, for a lot of people, they should not ever get out of the environment of the Academy, but the truth is that the pants leggings can be a great Joker in the winter. That’s because, in addition to comfort, this type of more tight pants offers a huge range of combinations in time to assemble and vary the looks.

But, for the pants legging is appropriate even for use at work the secret is to have balance. The correct way to take advantage of this play in the day-to-day is opting for longer and more loose parts that provide contrast cut extremely revealing pants.

As you will see in the pictures that we have selected, in the correct proportion, the pants leggings look beautiful to go anywhere. In fact, accompanied by the combinations that we propose below it is possible to enjoy this play to elongate the silhouette and, if applicable, to hide those extra pounds that wine and fondue of cold days end up bringing us.

Of course to go around, a lot can be harnessed to your wardrobe. But, if necessary, invest in one of those wild parts for combination with legging pants will let you hold to vary your looks, stripped, modern and warm at the same time. Want to see?

Learn 5 stylish ways to wear pants leggings in winter;


To counteract the legging pants, tight, one-piece longer leaves look beautiful and balanced. A coat is a good example of composition. Together, lengthen the silhouette.


A longer blazer along with legging pants leaves look so stripped and, at the same time, so well-behaved that can even be used in the workplace. Accessories such as a hat or a shoe oxford help that modern footprint.


According to holidaysort, another way to rock out legging pants is combining the piece with a vest. Besides helping to leave you more warm, this vest is perfect, especially if combined with accessories such as maxicolares, varied and of course bracelets, stylish glasses.


And, for those who suffer to get up on colder days, you can get the impression that you’re taking a little bit of the bed to the streets with a Pajama jacket. The play stripped offers comfort, especially if married to the legging pants, besides being trend on the runways.


Created for the U.S. Army in 1917, the bomber jackets are back with all this winter. And, while they are more short than the other options, are beautiful if combined with textured legging pants, for example, especially if the intention is to assemble a look for the night. To accompany, invest in a high jump.

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