3 Tips on How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

Good morning girls. First of all I must inform you that weekend the web will be a little out. Many have noticed that this week the blog has not gone well.

3 Tips on How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

I am having problems with the server since last Sunday and today at night are going to migrate the blog to another server to fix it. I hope that it is not out of service time, but we want to take advantage of the weekend to put everything together and Monday return to load normally  Sorry!

If yesterday I told you about one of my favorite combinations: jeans denim+shoes+poncho, today I come with the same casual style look.This time I changed shoes by a wide heel boots and I have decided to leave you a few Tips for How to use ankle boots with jeans. I love the combination of jeans slim with booties. Normally I tend to choose a flat footwear for daily, find it me more comfortable especially when I have to be long standing and going from one side to another. Even so, I do not use shoes and heeled boots (not very high!). This time I have chosen by combine Black skinny jeans with a beige ankle boots wide heel.These booties was love at first sight total. I remember that I bought them a Thursday I went shopping (nothing was hoping to catch me some boots clear! lol) but I ended up with them at home…  Well as that Saturday was going to catch me in black.

To top I chose one of the clothes that last winter became well-known infashion blogs and social networks. Typical clothing ZARA that you love but which have seen it both on the profiles of the fashion bloggers to which follow on instagram, that you already go buy it in two weeks. I love wide for top clothes when I combine shoe or ankle boots heels and jeans skinny jeans at the bottom. I follow the line of my casual style and not lose the essence of my looks  hope you like it and you enjoy the photos of today. Below I leave some Tips como wear booties with jeans and get a look like today.

3 Tips On How Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans

Although virtually I have already given you the tips that I followed to create this look, you have outlined the basics so you can use them.

  1. Pants: Choose some skinny jeans. This cut of pants is undoubtedly that best combines with high heel booties. If you choose to some ripped jeans ye shall give a casual touch to the look.
  2. Boots: Choose the boots of the same color of the pants, especially if you are petite. Visually elongates the leg and styles a lot. Say, “and why it has become this aunt boots beige?” lol to my I love ankle pants, in addition the boots, if you look have one side slightly open, is say that even going with a long pants (not cropped) as of today, the meat looks and the fact that booty black did not seem to be well. It had the opposite effect: Negro-Carne – black in summary; in the case in which the meat is visible it is best that booty is flesh-colored
  3. Top: Choose a wide garment. I love the effect that create pants skinny pants and heel with a wide top jersey. Brutal! Do not you think?

Have very good day and happy weekend. Until Monday!