2 Tips to Make You Kick Ass in the Club

Want to do a make of Diva or seductive to enjoy much the ballad?

Then, work on skin, abuse in the eye and be discreet in your mouth or, otherwise, if you throw in the mouth red.

Believe me, any woman in t-shirt and jeans with the right makeup will draw more attention than another party dress but with your face clean! So, you want to increase your power of seduction and vent everything on ballad?Then, create a make powerful, she makes all the difference! And you can keep quiet, we’ll show you two make tips, one for and another for Divar seduce!

See below two tips to make, one where worth the maximum, all eyes, mouth, and another where the lips are the focus, check out and choose your favorite.

2 Makeup for You Kick Ass in the Club

Makeup Diva

Well Cared for Skin

There is no make perfect if the skin is not well cared for and prepared. The care begin right in the wash, toning and moisturizing.

And a tip is to look for the face exfoliate least twice a week, to ensure a good grip on the base. After eliminating the dead cells, use a moisturizing mask, if you have dry skin, purifying or, if the skin is mixed or oily.

And the new darling, the primer, is indicated for all skin types, but especially for oily skin. Then, apply the base and then fix and enlighten with the concealer.

And that’s a hint, always with a crayon illuminating, to have a fresh look all day Use to illuminate in comma of dark circles, at the outer corner of the eyes, on the eyebrows, nose bone (to tune), the bone of the jaw and in the temple, and on the inside corner of eyes (if they are not naturally away).

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So, it’s time to apply the powder finalizer, do it with a brush and cute and then remove the excess product involving the bristles in a tissue of soft tissue. And use a little! Remember that it should be used only to fix the make and give.

Finally, use blush to give a healthy air to the face and kicking ballad!

Hazy Eyes

Smoky eyes are chic and glamorous! And if you throw in black, gray, blue, Brown, gold, more vivid colors.Just remember not to understand the boundary between the lighter shades and blur intense, the gradient should be subtle.

And dare, if you play in the shade pink, for example, which is great for the day and if there’s a basic resurfacing, just turn it into a make powerful for the ballad, just using a black pencil for merging the outside corner and applying a liquid eyeliner to give even more depth to the look. There, just pass a lot of mascara and will only give you!

Delicate Mouth

You know, with striking eyes, is not forbidden delete the rest, but to make sophisticated rule for ballad send slow down on lips. So, if you want a sophisticated look, the tip is to invest in soft colors.

If you want to use more intense colors in the mouth, then the trick is to leave the skin very white and get tones that contrast with the face without a fight with your eyes, as violets and wines, for example.

Make to Seduce

Perfect Skin

There’s no seduction with a battered skin, isn’t it? After all, she is a sign of health, happiness … Better yet, if you are coradinha.

So, take care of your skin, clean, hydrate, use primer, a base appropriate for your skin type, illuminator and blush.


A mouth vermilion, carmine is connected to power, courage and assertiveness and, of course, seduction!

Research has proven that there is a strong link between the perception of female attractiveness and red lipstick. IE: men love red lips!

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Bright Eyes

As well as men love full lips, the male brain processes the eyes larger, as synonymous with femininity.Therefore, abuse of pencil nude in water line to further enhance your eyes!

Powerful Eyelashes

Eyelashes long and bulky, defined are super glamorous, so push the mask. You can’t leave home without it. Not to mention that you won’t spend even 5 minutes to give a turbocharged in your eyelashes.

And it only takes two or three layers and ready … ready to win the world. Will make eyes more alive, sexy and killers.

Now just choose between these two styles of make and … kicking ballad!

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