16.0 Hangouts Delete Contacts Screen and That Are More Orderly Reorganizes Them

By: camillebrion

We have a new update of Hangouts, the application of communication from Google that somehow has been hit by the company in favour of Allo. These updates have become lately more in a “to see what has made Google this time”, after several fairly disappointing updates like this, this or this.

In this case Yes there have been tangible, focused news in organize contacts within the application. Thus, the Contacts tab disappears completely, and they reorganized in lists that make more sense when you start a new conversation.

Where are my contacts?

After updating Hangouts, you probably find that you’ve lost something along the way: the Contacts tab. Quiet, there is still a way to view the contacts, but only when you start a new conversation or a new video call.

In this new window contacts also change how they are displayed. So far, Hangouts organized contacts into two distinct groups: frequent and your contacts. The latter was a bit pretty drawer catch, mixing contacts who have account of Hangouts with those of which you only have phone number.

The new window organizes your contacts into three types: frequent contacts, contact account in Hangouts and those who are not in Hangouts (i.e. the rest). The new organization has special meaning if you don’t use Hangouts to send SMS, as the previous mixture only served to fill the list of noise.

These changes also apply to make a contacts search on the bar top, although in that case not shown the contacts that are not in Hangouts, and Yes other profiles available in Google +, that you have not added to your circles.

Hangoutsvaria according to the device

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