15 Tips On How To Use The Bow Tie In Formal Or Casual Looks

They say that whoever wants to be hanging a watermelon in the neck, but we men have a far more elegant and interesting things to use under our Adam’s Apple and the bow ties are surely among those who has more style!

A visual complemented by this classic accessory draws attention to any person of good taste, as well as help you create more aligned and striking combinations. But like any self-respecting piece of clothing every time there are some tips to help time to dress, here are some of them:

  • Your business is description, even in casual looks. Try a bow tie in the same key or using a pattern similar to your shirt, the accessory will merge and at the same time make that add-on you demand special!
  • The black tie attire is extremely elegant and classic, but use it only when prompted on the invitation, if the “full ride” (suit and tie) is stipulated in the invitation do not change the common tie for the butterfly, it might seem that you dressed for the wrong event.
  • On sunny days choose a piece that is as light as the rest of you, keep your casual look consistent with the climate and your humor and remember bow ties in this case tend to leave the more fun.
  • If invited to a casual wedding during the day don’t get too comfortable, but also do not overdo it in bold, select neutral pieces and give a touch and color with the bow tie.
  • The bow tie rocks in total look black, but avoid using it at weddings, for more elegant that is it is not considered appropriate for the occasion.
  • The more colorful and stamped the butterfly tie, she is more casual, so reserve this type of accessory for occasions that allow this kind of freedom, in events that require a certain degree of formality maintain neutral tones and dark as black, graphite, Navy, wine and Brown. The only exception is the Red tie that can compose classic looks in some cases.
  • Is a mistake to think that there is a need for the presence of any item of tailoring to validate the use of this tie, made exclusively with casual clothes also accept accessory with perfection.
  • The look with retro touch usually makes use of the bow tie and suspenders, but the two items do not have to be of the same color in this case. However in formal attire, often people feel more comfortable using the strap of the same colour of the tie, it is a personal choice.
  • As well as the suspenders, the vest is another faithful companion of bow tie and once again the visual gets a retro charm irresistible. Use neutral items used to casually, as the photo, give you the freedom to choose a tie with colors and prints well alive and taken off.
  • The visual to work gains freshness with the bow tie, but before you add it to your repertoire notify if the environment allows this kind of freedom, the item does not arrive a dress code, but there are companies that prefer to keep the traditional tie as a sort of “uniform”.
  • Time to pay attention not only to combine colors, heed, if the shirt is striped like the photo choose ties with micro print or drawings, if the stripes are very thin you can opt for a model with transverse thick stripes, so the standards do not conflict.
  • If you are engaged and want to give a touch of style to your wedding attire, can include a bow tie with geometric designs or even a chess houndstooth (pied de coq) in black and white, the detail will draw attention to your face and let the most striking and original combo!
  • Will of combination with mesh to protect from the cold? Try a bow tie in a contrasting colour or with a nice pattern, it will attract the gaze of people to your face and give the finishing look. Often the work clothes becomes an option for party or ballad with just the addition of the butterfly!
  • The preppy style, often used by American College of high society, virtually requires the bow tie and how this type of dress code became accessible – thanks to fast fashion – there are a lot of people investing in this type of look.

15-Another accessory that is a friend inseparable from the bow tie is used Kleenex in the pocket of the suit, in fact you don’t need to save in Add-ons, as long as they are discreet, otherwise we fall into the problem of watermelon cited at the beginning of the text.;)

See below some examples:

If you are in search of a bow tie there are many shops in the malls that can meet such as Zara, Brooksfield, Le Mark, Armani, Zegna, Hugo Boss, Crawford, in addition to the shops that specialize in ties and exclusive for clothes, some of them sell kits with suspenders and matching sharp cuff links, but in this case depends on the type of look you want to create. Another option are stores that serve the public “alternative” and hipsters, because this audience has significantly increased the demand for accessory when adopted it as an alternative to the traditional tie.