15 Maxi Necklaces to Wear in Summer

Check out different models of maxi necklaces that will trend for summer 2013

After the mix of bracelets , the darling accessory of the time is the maxi necklace . You can choose from the most basic models to the most decorated with stones and sparkles. This is undoubtedly an accessory transforming looks that can be found in various materials, colors and models.

You can combine the maxi necklace on a number of occasions, from day-to-day with a basic look even in formal events with more elegant dresses. Make combinations in the right measure to leave the look more harmonic and abuse of the various models of collars maxi collars in summer 2013 .

The Cleopatra style necklace model enhances any basic look. Try wearing it with a simple black dress to sweep over formal events.

The necklace with colored stones promises to make any serious look more fun and colorful. A good tip is to wear it with a basic white shirt or shirt according to MUSTOWNJEWELRY.

The maxi gold necklace is more sophisticated and is suitable for formal events such as weddings and graduations, for example.

This maxi blue flower-shaped necklace is meant to complement summer looks. The silk shirt can be a great combo option for this necklace model.

Made with bright stones, this maxi floral necklace is great for wearing with more social looks.

This maxi stone necklace with geometric shapes is a great accessory to be worn both in everyday life and in more glamorous productions.

The trend of fringes invades the world of accessories leaving the maxi necklaces more glamorous.Match the fringed collar with silk shirt and basic dresses.

The custom collared shirts were fever last season. To increase your look bet on the maxi collar collar.

Even in accessories, neon is guaranteed trend for summer 2013. Combine this maxi neon green necklace with basic pieces like a white T-shirt, for example.

The classic black and white combination also holds true for accessories. Use this maxi neutral necklace to complement more colorful looks.

One tip to make the look more harmonious is to leave the focus only on the maxi paste. Combine this model with pink and purple stones with neutral colors like black and white, for example.

The spikes were featured in winter 2012 and promise to continue for the summer, but in a softer way as in accessories, for example.

For the ballad you prefer models of maxi necklace with glitter and glamorous stones. A powerful accessory leaves any look more elegant.

Ideal for formal parties, the maxi glitter necklace can be used to enhance basic dresses.

Candy colors will also be a trend next season. A great idea is to leave the colors for the accessories.Combine this maxi necklace with basic clothing and stay within the trend of pastel shades .