14. Build a Printer Out of LEGO

You should trust the youngsters to more than one might think at first glance. Succeeded a young person from banal LEGO building blocks and a number of engines to build a functioning printer! The young man’s name is Leon Overweel and is 14 years. He is a LEGO fan and very resourceful.

His “head” is not like or with the printer cartridges , but it is a simple felt-tip pen! The LEGO printer with a binary code is controlled so that he “can print graphics from the computer”. Although the resolution 50 pixels only 50 times and can take up to three hours, but that’s possible at all with the simple, brightly coloured building blocks, surprised even the experts according to Rctoysadvice.

Leon stunned his environment isn’t the first time with such inventions. The clever boy has already thrilled with a remote-controlled car. What is remarkable is the type of control. He used to do this video and language software, which is used for chatting via Skype. The boy, still some interesting inventions should be so in the future to expect.

This shows very clearly that the LEGO bricks are not just a toy for children, but that they are interesting for everyone, who wants to press as the inventor. Bottom line: Should be hard to make the colorful plastic stones on the attic or throw away, but a bit to play his own imagination to.

Printed image resolution of 50 x 50 pixels

Video of the LEGO printer