12 Ideas for Toys with Recycled Bottle Caps

When we want to make toys with recycling, we can use bottle caps to be the raw material. The coolest thing is that it’s super easy to make and can be quietly created at home with the children. See all suggestions we brought and choose the best to perform those activities with the kids!

Toys With Caps

Is every idea more fun than the other. Check out the selection we made for you to enjoy and gather the materials to perform the recycling crafts with the kids.

Board game–Ladies–Look how nice and easy to do. Just improvise a Board or buy a ready and get 12 caps of one color and another 12. There you go!Then just enjoy the game with the Tots according to sciencedict.com.

Game of attention and hand-eye coordination–You can create a game very cool colorful caps and freshly painted wooden skewers. The body of the PET bottle you use to make the base of the toy.Then just do several holes to pass the colored skewers and ready! Use gouache paint for painting.:)

Board Games-Tic-Tac-Toe-Use colorful Emboss glues to make drawings on the caps. Use the drawings of “X” and “O”. Will be january 5 and another 5. To make the structure of Tic-Tac-Toe, use popsicle sticks get spots. Paint with gouache paint also.

Dolls and puppets-Is very nice the end result of this craft. It is well made with adorable dolls several colored caps. And to make is easy: just stick the bottle caps in the middle to later joining them with a nylon thread. Stay cute!

Stamps with EVA-Too beautiful! You can decorate murals, cards and other gear with this tip. Just get some molds, print and transfer to EVA. Then paste on top of the CAP. You already have a beautiful Cap stamp with EVA!

Spinning tops-To spinning tops can do with bottle caps. Just stick them in the Middle, stick a toothpick of skewer already cut, to be small ones. Then just have fun with the boys!

Memory game-Print various tiny little drawings and paste them inside of caps in repeated versions.Each drawing should be in two different caps. Then just play around with the meninotes. The cool thing is that this game strengthens memory and reasoning of the kids.

Compositions and paintings with collage-See how beautiful it is a muralzinho with the insertion of caps. Just wing it with paper or silk Crape, colored glue, plastic eyes and our beloved bottle caps!Making love, everything will be beautiful at the end.You can even rely on this image above to make your art with children. They will love creating with you these beautiful fish!

Learning the names of the animals–This game is very fun and constructive. Just make the pets following the idea of the image above and paste them on tiny pieces of paper … or post it. Type the name of the pets behind the paper and see if the kids can guess what each pet.

Little monsters with eyes–The idea is for the kids get super excited! They love creating different things and this work is in this style. Are monsters really excited to create with the caps. Get inspired and create too along with the kids.

Alphabet, learn to read-Educational games are always cool and this is one of them! Just print each handwriting (or syllable) and then paste over the caps. Let the children can create words and phrases with the fine print. It will be super fun!

Toy-calculator Sharpen the imagination of children with this cute little toy. Just put the numbers on top of each CAP and then paste on top of a cardboard, as if it were the basis of the calculator. Very cool!

And there, enjoyed? I hope so! Do also and let the Tots happy with excitement with the banter with crafts and recycling. It’s going to be a very special day can create these works together with them. I hope you enjoyed. See what the idea fits more with the age group of the children who go to work and bring it on! Good luck and until the next tip!