10 Vintage Inspired Hairstyles More Pinned on Brazil

After announcing that now the Universe Retro also integrates the community of influencers on Pinterest and post the first mission we receive – winter Looks inspired by 40 years – and the list on the 10 Old School tattoos more pinnate on the platform, we bring new data for you: The 10 vintage inspired hairstyles more pinned on Brazil.

As anyone who’s passionate about the network Pinterest is used as a source of inspiration and used to plan for the future, what if you want to have or do some day, and the hairstyles could not be left out! Always looking for a reference for a new cut, look what the Brazilians have been inspired to change the look with vintage touch, according to the platform. Check out the TOP 10:

1 – Beehive Hair:For lovers of girls years 60 who love a super high hair, this current image, inspired by the Decade of 1960, photographed by Nelson Simoneau, was repinada more than 26,000 times in on Pinterest.

2-wedding Hairstyle:And the inspirations of vintage hairstyles are also sought by women who are planning the wedding. Look at the picture that serves as a reference to more than 16,000 people who are planning what to do in her hair on her wedding day.

3-Black Power:The girls fans from the disco era and the natural side of the years 70, this black power has been a source of inspiration to the girls. The image has been saved on the network for more than 6,600 people.

4 – wedding Hairstyle:And one more hair with inspiration for marriage has been considered in network. This hair has been saved by more than 6,000 pinadores.

5-Vintage Male Slitting:The male courts also seem to be a hit on channel. This male hairstyle, cut well done and lots of grease, has called attention to the network, being clicked 2,900 times.

6-Franklin:The Franklin of Jane Birkin seems to be in retro fashion. The image has been saved by more than 1,100 people on the net which probably have the hair like inspiration.

7-Tuft with Headband:Inspiration of all pin-ups, the beautiful ID of Van Munster seems to make success with this picture of a simple hairstyle, consisting of the use of more tuft bandana. The photo has already been pinada more than 1,000 times on the network.

8-Male Slitting:Another male hairstyle having success on the net. This image was saved 453 times.

9-Beard, hair and Mustache:Another reference within the network for the male audience. With a beard, hair and mustache this image was pinada 410 times.

10-Male Hairstyle:That another male reference is a reference to 200 people on the network of inspirational images.


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