10 Tips On How To Use Panama Hat In Summer

The Panama Hat, despite the name, was created and is still manufactured in Ecuador with plant straw Carludovica palmata,incidentallyyour story has already been approached by the Male Channel in this article. As this is an accessory made with a material that is light and fresh, it becomes critical for protection from the Sun, especially in the summer, giving vent to a multitude of combinations of men’s clothes of various styles. 

Here elaineqho offers some tips on how to use it:

1–Panama Hat With Suit Or Costume

For those who can’t give up the suit or costume because of work, the Panama Hat appears as a stylish accessory and outside the box, especially in sunny days inclement. If you are not obligated to work with social costumes, but still prefer to wear a costume of tailoring, better yet, Panama will only leave you even more stylish!

Supplement to: wayfarer style sunglasses, shoes tied with brogues and a beautiful watch with leather bracelet.

2-Panama Hat With Denim + Jeans

The total look jeans may seem a little boring for some, so the welcome inclusion of a Panama Hat serves to make the look more interesting and draw attention to your face, since the light tone enhancement works to make it the contrasting item in combination.

Supplement with: accounts or leather bracelets, leather belt in the tone of the shoe and Horn-rimmed glasses slightly rounded.

3-Panama Hat With Tailoring Vest

An alternative for those who like the Panama combo + tailoring’s use it only with the suit vest, leaving the jacket aside. The look gets a casual but neat air, referring to the first half of the 20th century, with a very charming retro appeal.

Supplement with: Pocket handkerchief, tie or butterfly and watch classic.

4-Panama Hat With Cotton And Lightweight Tailoring Social

Still in question, we can tailor the look even lighter, investing only in lightweight cotton pieces that, along with the Panama Hat, gain a more Mediterranean and sophisticated, perfect for hot days, when a casual clothing more aligned is required.

Supplement with: clock with golden box, sunglasses clubmaster style and colorful bracelets.

5-Panama Hat With Candy Colors

This is the advantage of a neutral accessory, it blends with any color of clothing that you are using. And nothing but the summer fresh parts with vibrant colors that win featured on sunny days, but ask for extra protection. It’s the look: chino shorts, a linen shirt and Panama Hat.

Supplement with: light canvas tennis or boat shoe, watch with steel bracelet and sunglasses clubmaster type.

6-Panama Hat In The Look Of The Wedding

With the outdoor weddings increasingly high, the hat becomes an everyday accessory, especially now that the bride and groom are investing in modern combinations with a retro touch. Panama works both in look slightly casual, and dress code formal, adding style in both cases.

Supplement with: handkerchief in the pocket of the blazer or jacket, silver or silk knot cufflinks, glasses wayfarrer.

7-Panama Hat In Urban Combination

A jeans, a basic shirt and tennis shoes (or a Top-Sider as in the picture) are a common good and basic urban combination on hot days in the city, so why not add a hat to get the visual of the rice and beans?

Supplement with: bracelets of various styles, a casual leather bag (postman or Briefcase) and Aviator glasses.

8-Panama Hat With Seersucker Blazer (Anarruga)

The blazerseersucker (or anarruga) is one of the most remembered parts in heat station because of your fabric slightly wrinkled and fresh, with a flair for nautical, a style that has everything to do with the Panama Hat.

Supplement with: Shoe top-sider or leather moccasin, lens sunglasses lightly rounded, nautical-themed bracelets and handkerchief in the pocket of the blazer.

9-Panama Hat With Custom Linen

When it comes to summer and hot weather it is impossible not to remember the linen, one of the fabrics most suitable for a custom at this time of year, however it is important to highlight that this is a material that kneads the dough very easy and gives the look a casual appearance – unlike cold wool – but it is precisely this feature that makes the suit (or just the jacket) of linen so perfect to be used with the Panama Hat Since the set takes a tropical air and slightly relaxed.

Supplement with: oxford casual shoe, watch with leather bracelet and classic design, Pocket square, clubmaster sunglasses and leather belt.

10-Panama Hat With Pants Color

Not only neutral live combinations with Panama. As I have shown in item 5, the vibrant colors, such as yellow, finding contrast in other cooler and discreet, as the marine, also receive reinforcement of this accessory.

Supplement with: Monk shoes brown leather strap, leather belt, glasses with turtle rim and bracelets of colored beads.

Note: the Panama Hat is more suitable for daytime use.

Note2: when entering and any enclosed environment remember to take your hat off.