10 Style Tips For Leggings To Look Cool

Leggings were a long time on the fashion-blacklist. But with the return of the “ugly trends”, comfortable stocking legs experiencing their comeback! Emilyleggings.com explains the 10 most important rules about how leggings are worn now.

  1. Leggings are not pants
    Leggings are not worn as trousers. Short or even pure stuffed shells are an absolute no-go. Because once in the tight leggings of the Po and unsightly dents visible are – exactly!
  2. The right mix
    The Po should be whenever possible always covered. Fashion Pope Guido Maria Kretschmer in his new book “a blouse is still no summer” (Fine books): “it takes slender legs and the Blazer should be not too short. And if the leggings penetrates into you, then you have a problem. Wear always a nice top, a blouse or a fine sweater under your Blazer and ensure that it covers your shame.” The tops should be cut in tight leggings keep. Who is under 30, and has a great figure, may carry even short tops. But then beware of firmer material such as leather.
  3. The length matters
    Leggings should always extend to the ankle. Parts in calf length shorten the silhouette. Also look in short leggings, as if you were on the way to the gym.
  4. Beware of colors and patterns
    Patterns and striking colors should be worn carefully. These models are really only young women under 20 with long, slender legs. In patterned or colored leggings, one operates namely five kilos heavier. Dark colors such as black, anthracite and Bordeaux are all and also much more elegant look.
  5. Into the washing machine – and regularly!
    Jersey leggings are no jeans and should be washed regularly, preferably after each wearing. The body heat, the spandex containing in leggings wear out faster, by washing, she becomes beautiful again elastic. Avoid anything that has to do hot water, iron, steam – heat – but because heat reduces the Elastitzät.
  6. Look at the feet
    You can carry everything to leggings – except for open-toed shoes! Otherwise, the little elegance, what has to offer the leggings, is completely destroyed. If you are very large, they can carry even flat shoes such as biker – or Chelseaboots.
  7. Note the occasion
    Formal and very solemn occasions, leggings are absolutely taboo! So interview, weddings, Christmas, visiting the in-laws, Opera…
  8. Ensure the materials
    Rather buy an expensive, low-priced than three leggings. The quality is required when leggings! The Crème de la Crème models made of leather. Keep not only an eternity with good care, they can be worn even in the Office. Do not glossy materials. You looked good only on Olivia Newton-John (66) in ‘Grease’.
  9. Just no feel good look
    When leggings is closes the baggy look from head to toe. Wearing you sneaker and sweater in the gym or if you are under 20. And the double feel good combination with ugg boots is okay at home by the fireplace.
  10. The age limits
    Women over 50 can wear leggings. But The older woman is, the materials must be even more high-quality. And also the tops should be at least hüftlang. This tip applies also for curvy women. High heel shoes stretch in addition.