10 Statement Accessories

Accessories can change the your visual, giving it a touch more bold, creative or classic. In addition, the accessories are perfect for when you want to change a visual overnight, as was already mentioned here. For being smaller do not occupy as much space in your closet and are very practical and versatile, complementing your daily look.

I’m a diehard fan of accessories, because I think it’s a great way to customize a coordinated, especially if a large part of your wardrobe consists of basic sets. Although those parts not pass sets and adapts to various contexts, the basic ones are more discreet and always feel the lack of an appointment more original or distinct. Can be a more colorful piece or with a different format according to financedns.

“Accessories are like vitamins for fashion, as such, must use them generously” Anna Dello Russo

Statement accessories are those pieces that stand out a look. Namely, glasses, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, scarves, bags and shoes that are most marked, taking as the centerpiece of your coordinated. Accessories are the perfect complement to assert your personal style according to financedns.

But an important point to remember is that these will draw attention to the area where the body is using, so take the opportunity to highlight their strengths.

Get inspired in these 10 accessories statement//Get Inspired by these 10 statement accessories
1. Long earrings and colorful/clutch/Long earrings and colorful clutch
2. colored Scarf and sunglasses//Colorful scarf and sunglasses
5. wide Belt or with details//Wide or detailed belt
6. original//Original Bracelet Bracelet
7. Combining multiple rings//Various rings combination
8. Maxi/Maxi collar/necklace
9. colored or patterned Shoes//Colored or printed shoes
10. vista/glasses/Eyeglasses