10 Maternity Clothes to Wear During and After Pregnancy

Keep the elegance in the gestation period may not be very easy, since it is a phase in which the woman is more sensitive and happen thousands of changes in the body.

However, It’s Not Because You’re Pregnant You Need To Drop In And Use The First Outfit To See Ahead, With The Excuse: “Nothing For Me”.

Also you don’t have to leave buying a lot of clothes for pregnant women who may never use.

With some basic tips, you will be able to optimize your wardrobe and take your questions about what to wear and what to buy at this stage as important of your life according to Carswers!

PS.: This post is dedicated to my friend and reader Vanessa Megger, who is pregnant and has trouble finding clothes and asked me to give some tips. Here’s Vane:

And Now I’m Pregnant. What To Wear During Pregnancy?

1. Maternity Clothes-Leggings

Does anyone have the leggings would be off the list!? There’s no more basic pants and comfortable than she.Practically can be used during the whole period of pregnancy.

My Tip: Use legging with camisetões or larguinhas more blouses, helps disguise the tummy and balance the look.

If you choose to use more justinhas t-shirts, wear a blazer, Cardigan or shirt on top. Create overlays is elegant, shows that you have a watch to wear and didn’t get the first clothes seen in the closet.

2. Clothes For Pregnant Women-Shorts & Pants Boyfriend

Both the short as the pants boyfriend has a more larguinha modeling and not squeeze as much as a normal jeans. The short, for example, is super stylish because it leaves nothing tight and not too brand which is not to be marked (if you know what I mean!).

My Tip: As these parts are already more larguinhas use shirts & blouses more fair. Worth betting on a more exact blazer too.

Have your pants, bend the bar and let your look snazzy.

3. Clothes For Pregnant Women-Dresses Fair

I think super stylish pregnant women with dresses fair, especially in women who have gained a lot of weight and has only the belly to show. Hence the importance of maintaining a proper and balanced diet, both for you and the baby.

My Tip: If you gained a few extra pounds on account of pregnancy, be sure to use the dresses not justinhos! Use the overlay trick again, use blazer, waistcoat with greater lengths (preferably to the hip) and open shirts, that helps to disguise.

4. Clothes For Pregnant Women-Stripes

We’ve always heard that horizontal stripes should be avoided by those who have a few extra pounds, because it gives the impression of increase even more the silhouette.

But it seems that this rule does not apply to pregnant women (really can’t explain why). The stripes on the pregnant women seem to create an opposite effect and end up covering well the belly.

While I was researching the pictures to put here, I found several looks with stripes and I really think that is the favorite of the pregnant woman. Agree?

5. Maternity Clothes-Dresses With A “Trick” Of Style

In addition to fresh and feminine, the dress should be a great ally of pregnant women.

My Tip: Opt for dresses that have elastic just below the bust, marking the belly. These dresses are great because the woman can use throughout the pregnancy (the elastic will adjusting to the body) and also after the baby is born.

If the dress does not have elastic, put a belt, looks great and works great.

PS.: Just watch out for the elastic or the seam does not stay on top of the chest, is horrible and I’ve seen a lot of that.

6. Clothes For Pregnant Women-Party Dresses

Who said pregnant can’t be sexy? If you have a wedding, prom or any similar occasion, use models that value to your belly and avoid using type dresses or other volumes kebab.

In addition to adding many extra pounds (something that no pregnant woman wants), are so and meaningless.

7. Maternity Clothes-Printed Dresses

Prints has been the preference of blogger Nati Vozza who already this 32 week of gestation. Nati seeks to use more justinhos body and dresses with modeling that disguise the belly.

I noticed also that the blogger likes the large prints, I think it’s the same case of the stripes, they disguise themselves …\

8. Maternity Clothing-Overalls

I think that, of all the alternatives even presented here, the big ape is still the preference of pregnant women. Is comfortable, relaxed, and depending on the model, looks great! It’s a play to keep forever in the wardrobe because it never goes out of style.

9. Maternity Clothes-Shirts, Gowns And Blouses

More larguinhas shirts are very charming, you can create a visual bereaved and at the same time tidy.

My Tip: The shirts too tight to the body, can stay cool in the first few weeks of pregnancy, when the stomach still not too great. If you are already with belly, opt for larguinhas parts in the picture.

PS.: Remembering that it’s not worth taking the shirt of the husband or boyfriend because the shoulder will be bigger than your, and it doesn’t sit well.

10. More Fashion Tips….

In addition to these 9 tips illustrated, don’t forget to add to your list:

Blazer: As I said up there, the blazer helps a lot to disguise the extra weight, especially for those who are ashamed to show his arms (which generally are more chubs) Besides, suits any occasion.

Cardigans: (even if the blazer)

Sweatpants: Don’t put any example but Hoodie everyone has. Use to take a walk, go to the doctor, give a little jump in supermarket, anyway … things of everyday life just not going to use an old sweatshirt and bored!

Pants, pantaloons: As well as the leggings pants, pantaloons are practical, comfortable and can be used peacefully after pregnancy.

Long skirt: preferably those which have the elastic waistband.

Monochrome Pieces: make one color combinations that help to disguise the tummy.